Sharing a Story of Hope

Lou LeMaire from the Bay Area

Lou has had Chronic Lyme since 1975. Her journey over 40 years later led her to an opportunity to try a Fremedica wearable frequency emitter. Her life has changed for the better...


Wave 1


FREmedica developed the world’s first wearable frequency emitter designed to help you live well with the symptoms of Lyme Disease

The recently released WAVE 1 is the the follow up device to the initial waveforce ONE wearable which was a result of years of development and experimentation with the latest in bio-energetic technology—a revolutionary non-invasive, pain-free approach to help you live well with Lyme Disease.

By using the WAVE 1 frequency emitter, hundreds have experienced improvement, and sometimes complete elimination, of symptom-related health and wellness issues while enjoying enhanced stress management, more energy, better sleep, mental acuity, and the flow of qi or biological energy.


Tommy Award

Winner of the Thomas Edison ‘Tommy’ award for innovation