“In the early 90’s Lyme Disease was not commonly known about on

…the west coast of the United States, but there I was with a positive blood test showing I had it. Most likely from the many times I spent in New York and Connecticut during that time. I caught it early as I had seen the bulls eye surrounding the bite and had flu like symptoms so my doctor gave me a weeks worth of antibiotics and sent me on my way.

What would have been best is if he had said to come back in a week and get retested to make sure the antibiotics did their job in annihilating the spirochetes altogether. Looking back now, I think the Lyme remained in my system in a low grade way for years.

Fast forward to 2012 where I treated myself to an incredible vacation to a remote island up in a desolate area of British Columbia. I thought it was so cute that I would open my lodge door to see deer on the property. You would think it would click in my brain to beware of possible deer ticks but it didn’t and I spent that week hiking through the beautiful forests unprotected by bug and tick repellant.

Shortly after my vacation ended I felt like I had the flu and noticed a strange boil on my leg filled with blood but didn’t put 2 and 2 together in that it could be a tick. The flu continued to escalate and I began experiencing tons of other bad symptoms over the next few months… back pain, neck pain, incredible fatigue, leg muscle aches, brain fog, shortness of breath etc. The simple act of walking was incredibly painful and difficult and I believed that a wheelchair was near in my future.

The job that I loved became almost impossible to do so after visiting my Dr. he recommended I take a short leave of absence and go on bed rest for a week. While that was a relief it did not cause the symptoms to subside. My doctor was versed in Lyme Disease and he suggested I get tested which came back positive and also positive for Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever and Babesia.

Course of treatment? Massive amounts of antibiotics which seems to be the only option in the western medical world for Lyme patients. After 10 weeks of feeling worse taking them I stopped. Then began the countless alternative (and expensive) treatments in America, Mexico and Canada over a period of 2 years. Some of them helped but once again I was no longer able to work and this time I went on a 6 month disability leave of absence, which was a difficult thing for me to give up my work that I loved.

Then, a friend of mine said that her boyfriend had met someone at a company in Canada who had created a machine that was showing amazing results with Lyme patients. To me it was just another hope and although I was thankful for the information I figured it would just be one more treatment that didn’t help me.

But lo and behold, after 16 days of treatment using the machine I woke up in the morning and realized that for the first time in 3 years I felt like I no longer had the flu feeling – such an amazing relief! And weeks after that a lot of the other symptoms began to disappear. Then I began to worry that what if it’s a temporary reprise and I start feeling horrible again? But, here I am, 1 year later still feeling relief from my symptoms and feel like I am no longer impaired by a chronic disease. Grateful!


Entertainment Executive