Product evolution through research and development

Germ theory is commonly understood nowadays but just 200 years ago it was a foreign concept. Medical professionals believed illness was caused by a poisonous vapour or mist, and only in the late 1800s did doctors come to understand the role of bacteria, viruses, and other pathogens in disease. Today, we are on the brink of new advances in health and wellness, with the emerging field of energy medicine.

The waveforce ONE is the fourth generation of frequency emitters, and the first wearable version of this exciting technology. We are currently working on new delivery models for customized frequencies to address other issues in health and wellness, veterinary sciences, and agriculture.

Waveforce ONE

4th generation

waveforce ONE

As the first wearable frequency emitter, waveforce ONErepresents an exciting new step in personal energy products.

LED Emitter

3rd generation

LED Emitter

Thanks to improvements in diode technology, white LEDs were now capable of outputting frequencies at sufficient power. The LED Emitter allowed use without protective goggles.

IR 850

2nd generation

IR 850

The next table-top emitter to be produced was refined to include 2 high powered infra red diodes. The power supply and control interface were made to fit within the unit's enclosure.

IR 880

1st generation

IR 880

The original prototype table-top emitter featured 48 infra red diodes, external power supply and control interface.